Tips for Storing your Bike for the Winter

There are 2 types of bike owner, those who lovingly care and clean every inch of their ride, and then there's the rest of us, who need to consult a bike mechanic when something doesn't feel quite right. When it comes to storing your Bike for the winter, Pete has got a few tips for you to consider.

  1. Storage: Best case scenario is to store it inside, and hang the bike from the ceiling/wall or just turning it upside down so that there is no weight on the tires. But if you live in an apartment and store your bike on the balcony, make sure you lubricate the chain, turn the bike upside down (unless your bike has hydraulics or a suspension system) and put a tarp over it to protect it from the elements. Avoid storing your bike in direct sunlight. 

  2. Tires: They should be inflated, as they will deflate over the winter. If you store your bike in an unheated garage, a good idea is to remove the tires and bring them inside a heated area. This will protect the rubber on the tires form cracking and/or warping. 

  3. Lubricating the Chain and Cables: If you are storing your bike outside or in an unheated garage, it's a good idea to lubricate your chain and cables. But if it's in a heated area, lubrication is not really necessary. 

Pete recommends keeping winter storage simple, “Bring your bike in for a tune-up at the end of the season rather than in the spring” he says, “Then all you have to do is turn your bike upside down in a warm place for the winter.” Next April, when you’re ready to ride outside, your bike is ready too. Just pump up the tires and go. 


Julie Brunelle

Co-owner of new startup, Heritage Bikes and Rentals, offering Trek Bike Sales, Bontrager accessories, Bike Rentals, Guided and Self-Guided Tours of Perth ON and Lanark county.