Securing a Location

Finally, after much debate and running around, we have decided on a location for Heritage Bikes and Rentals. We had been considering 3 options: A Peddler's Option located in the parking lot behind the Visitor's Centre off Gore St E; the "Kitchen" outside the Crystal Palace; and finally a more permanent location in the Perth Courier Building. The Perth Courier Building has recently being purchased by some local business owners and are going to transform this heritage site into an engaging spot with some well-considered stores, similar to Code Mill. 

Each option had its advantages and drawbacks, as you can imagine. It took a while to manoeuvre around all the details and logistics, but in the end, we chose to go with the Perth Courier Building. The building owners were kind enough to give this startup a great, workable price and conditions. They are excited about the project and see its value in the community. Especially for the important upcoming year, the 200th anniversary of Perth. We are so pleased that we will be a part of it all, in such a great location. 

Next step...finalizing the tours. 

Julie Brunelle

Co-owner of new startup, Heritage Bikes and Rentals, offering Trek Bike Sales, Bontrager accessories, Bike Rentals, Guided and Self-Guided Tours of Perth ON and Lanark county.