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About Us

Sales, Service and Adventure!

Our Top-notch Bikes and expert repair services ignite excitement, promote health and adventure so our customers can enjoy an improved overall quality of life. 

At Heritage Bikes,  we believe that with expertise, dedication and devotion to the cycling industry, we are able to get everyone on bikes that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs, desires and dreams. We do this by having the best team on the that is stable and reliable to properly support long standing customer relationships.


To put fun loving riders on excellent bikes and e-bikes with high-quality, well-chosen, curated accessories, all delivered with incredible hospitality, outstanding advice and customer service. To provide high quality bike repair services. To support all local cycling adventures and to help create memorable bike-related experiences for all bicycle enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

  • At Heritage Bikes above all else, we listen, give guidance and use technology to help our customers. We do not simply sell bicycles or advertise the latest equipment. We anticipate needs and creatively solve problem. We expertly guide clients and personalize recommendations.
  • Heritage Bikes  promotes active and healthy living by increasing access to safe, top-quality bicycles and products, by providing the community with programs and fun activities, and by offering first-rate bike services.
  • Heritage Bikes is committed to building a more bicycle friendly environment, providing our community with quality cycling products, unyielding customer service, and sharing our passion for bicycling's abundant opportunities.  
  • At Heritage Bikes, we believe that to be able to provide customers with consistent, outstanding customer service, we need to have the best team on the that is stable and reliable to properly support long standing customer relationships. We pay every team member at Heritage Bikes a livable wage, allowing each of them to have a long-time career here in this small town. We hire locally and provide training and incentives to each team member and their dependents.

OUR VALUES: Fun, Attentiveness, Detail-Oriented, Experienced, Friendly, Open-communication, Inclusive, Integrity, Transparency, Trustworthiness, Adventurous, Supportive, Community Oriented, Committed to Continuous Improvement, Team Players and A Positive mindset.


Some great community initiatives:

  • Bike Rodeos  and Bike Donations with the local Fire Department
  • Used Bike Raffle Donations to The Table
  • Bike Check-Ups with The Table Community Food
  • Free Bike Repair Courses at Highland Youth Center
  • Fix-a-Flat Workshop at the Perth Library
  • 2 Perth Bike Swaps
  • Raffle and donations to: Polar Plunge Perth, Perth Golf Course Annual Fundraiser

Meet the Team

Pete Wood - Owner


Owner, Head Bike Mechanic, Salesperson, Bike Tour Guide

This guy has been around...around cycling, that is. If he isn't sharing a story, painting a picture or fixing a bike, he is out somewhere riding. With 12 years experience in cycle-tourism, he knows a thing or two about riding, exploring and connecting. Pete has worked as a Bike Guide and Tours Coordinator with Freewheeling Adventures and Rent-a-Bike Ottawa. He is a certified Teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers. His passions include cycling, storytelling, and travelling. 

Julie Brunelle - Manager


Manager, Salesperson, Marketing, Web Design

This gal loves to get out there and learn new things, and riding is just the ticket! With 18 years customer service experience and 12 years as a Teacher, Julie's been around...around the world, that is. She has taken her love for Arts and cycling to the UAE, Cambodia, Bali, Vancouver, and many more beautiful places.  Julie is a Indigenous Metis author and Textile Artist.  Her Art education book, "The Artist in You", is currently available at Amazon and in shop. 

Bailey Poland

Full-time Salesperson

Hailing from the mountainous state of New Hampshire, Bailey grew up with a deep love and reverence for nature. Having learned to ride at three years old, they saw biking as the vehicle for their exploration. Insatiably curious, Bailey's wonderlust brought them around North America and Europe for a time, before settling in Smiths Falls. Passionate about people's wellness, both physical and mental, Bailey went to school for Psychology and Theology. Now they are putting their decade of sales experience to good use by keeping Eastern Ontario active and healthy. When not in the shop you can find them hiking, knitting, or taking their cat out for a walk.

Nevin Warner

Part-time Bike Mechanic

Nevin is a self-proclaimed geek, if you can call it that, on road bikes, his discipline of choice. He probably spends too much time riding his bike when he isn’t fixing it. He races his bike as well, he likes going fast even though you wouldn’t be able to tell if you talked to him. He has been a pro cycling fan for years even though he is only 14. When in the shop after school, he is generally the quiet guy, but does get in some intense conversations on tech and racing. He is always open to a conversation on how racing works or current cycling news.

Brent Maguire - Inventory Manager & Buyer


Occasional Salesperson and bike mechanic

Brent has been with us since the beginning and he loves all things Bikes. He started working in bike shops at age 15. Whether it be in his hometown of Deep River, or in Ottawa, or in Toronto, this guy has devoted his life to his passion for bikes and riding. He especially loves endurance mountain biking and has twice raced his bike for 24 hours. In the shop, we often say, "What can't Brent do?" because when he's not riding or fixing bikes, you will find him singing in a choir, performing on stage, juggling, unicycling, balloon animal making.....but he swears that he is not a clown. Brent is currently living with his wife and son in beautiful Perth Ontario. 

Aaron Kyle

Where's Aaron? He's probably out riding somewhere on his road bike, and probably pushing out a 200Km ride. Solo or in a group, he's also probably killing in on the hills. Aaron has been riding and loving bikes are a long while now. As a manager at Kundstad back in the day, to helping Heritage Bikes for the last 5 years as a occasional Bike Mechanic, Aaron always brings his passion for riding and bikes everywhere he goes. 

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