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Who are we and What do we do?

At Heritage Bikes,  we believe that with expertise, dedication and devotion to the cycling industry, we are able to get everyone on bikes that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs, desires and values. We do this by having great quality products and the best team on the that is stable and reliable to properly support long standing customer relationships. We do this by paying each team member a livable wage and by offering long term career opportunities here in their community.

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Heritage Bikes & Rentals offers a wide range of bike services. Whether your bike needs a tune-up, new brakes or a complete overhaul, our knowledgeable and certified expert bike mechanics have got it covered.

Bike Build Package

With online Bike purchases at an all time high, Heritage Bikes has seen the results of poorly assembled bikes and the damage (accidents) that it can create first hand. We've created a Bike Build Package to help! The Package not only includes a professional bike build, but also a basic fitting, free installation of accessories (purchased at Heritage Bikes at the time of the build), and a free 100 Km check-up! 

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