Heritage Cycling Training Clinics/Programs

Whether you are training for a long distance event or just simply want to develop your cycling skills, Heritage Bikes & Rentals offers great skill developing clinics for cyclists of all ages (see Below for Kids Beginner Bike Riding Program)

Cycle Training - Ride Your First Century!

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Four excursions of progressively challenging distance and elevation as a starter for getting into the cycling shape to complete your first Century Ride. The trips would be as follows:

Day 1) Approximate 1 hour warm up ride, assessment, checking equipment and making bike adjustments (seat height, seat forward/aft position, headset height adjust). Choices about optimal biking clothing may be made during this time. Teaching rules of the road and proper bike etiquette. 

Day 2) Approximate 2 hour ride on flat route on quiet roads to start teaching gearing and drafting.

Day 3) Approximate 2 hour ride on modestly hillier route to start expanding upon previous skills including riding on gravel, climbing and descending.

Day 4) Approximate 4 hour ride to begin to understand longer distance cycling and how to perform better during big excursions. (Optional 1 hour brake for lunch not covered in the fee below.)


  • approximately 9 hours of guided cycling excursions. 
  • Maps and Route notes for each excursions.
  • Coaching and technical support.
  • A Basic Bike Check up and bike fitting (this needs to be done in shop before the first ride).
  • Technical support in case of mechanical breakdown.
  • Support vehicle back up available in case of accident and/or serious fatigue.


$299.00 (plus HST) for private trip. 

$200.00 each (plus HST) for group trip. (maximum of four.)

Call or email to book: (613) 200-7959

More Training Options

Private Coaching: One-on-one ride bike coaching for new riders and those wishing to improve skills, bike handling, build endurance, speed and power. $50.00 per hour (includes bike rental). 

Group Coaching: Groups of 2 or more on the bike coaching. 2 riders $70.00 per hour. For 3 or more riders contact for quote.

Kids Beginner Bike Riding Program: (These are Private Lessons)

4 - 1 hour sessions

Location: To be Determined.

  • 1st Lesson: Cycling without peddles, Bike sizing, finding balance, getting comfortable on a bike, going around obstacles.

  • 2nd Lesson: Recap and review, Cycling without peddles, riding with one hand, signalling, advanced obstacles

  • 3rd Lesson: Pedal Introduction, obstacles with peddles, turning, stopping, signalling

  • 4th Lesson: Riding on the road, road rules, riding single file. 


The Cost for the 4 lessons is $120 Plus HST

The rental of the bike for 4 sessions is $40 plus HST

If you decide to purchase the bike, the cost of the rental will be deducted from the cost of the bike.