Discover the History, the Culture and Secrets of our Little Town

This Guided Town Tour will lead you around Perth showing you its many gems, while giving you a glimpse of life in a thriving 19th Century British outpost. 

Go back to the days when duals were fought, when whiskey was distilled, and when canals carried the load. We will tour you around the historic downtown of Perth and supply the bicycle to get you there.

Each of our guides has a particular interest that will make their tour special for you. This is wonderful way to get to know Perth and great first step for getting your cycling legs ready for our more adventurous Countryside Tours.

   These tours include a Tour Guide,  a GIANT Bike, a helmet, and a bottle of water. 

These tours include a Tour Guide,  a GIANT Bike, a helmet, and a bottle of water. 

This tour is perfect for beginners. It  is 4-5 km long and lasts approximately 60 minutes with frequent stops. It is suitable for anyone who can ride a bike confidently and is used to some traffic. Trail-a-Bikes and trailers available.

Some of the places you'll see

The 7 bridges of the Tay; Stewart Park (one of the 7 wonders of Lanark county); the Hall of Remembrance; Perth Band Stand; the Mammoth Cheese; the Town Crier; The Matheson House; The Haggart House; Big Ben Park; International Friendship Fountain; Crystal Palace; Last Duel Park; Inge Va House, Conlon Farm, Perth Town Hall, Tay River Trail, Old Fire Hall, Old Armories of Perth; Kininvie; Bridge Master House; Swing Bridge; Perth Shoe Co. building and more.

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