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Featured Products


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We sell a number of different Trainers from both Top Trainer Manufacturers CycleOps and Tacx. In Store, you will find 3 models so choose from, but can bring all models from our suppliers in 2 business days. Check out the Lambert Website and see for yourself. Need more info about Trainer? Check out our Blog Post

In Store: 

  • Tacx Blue Matic: Basic trainer with magnetic brake. During your training session you can use the handlebar resistance lever to adjust the resistance as needed.
  • CycleOps Fluid 2: Fluid resistance unit provides a quiet and consistent ride. Progressive resistance offers the widest resistance range and road-like feel.
  • Tacx Satori Smart: The Satori Smart is the only basic trainer which provides speed, cadence and power outputs. This data can be received by several devices simultaneously, such as your smartphone and sports watch.

We Sell Bikes

We are excited to announce that we are now an official supplier of Scott Bikes and Raleigh Canada. Beginning in Spring 2017, we will be carrying a selection these leaders in bike industry. Stay posted and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page. 

NEW! Raleigh Fat Bikes!

Fat bikes were once a niche product for those wanting to bike in the snow. Now they can be seen during all seasons. The category is growing, and the ease with which the oversized tires float over sand, snow and technical rock sections is very appealing. Rent one today!

We sell Raleigh Fat Bikes, call us to order yours today!


Gently Used Bikes

At the end of every season, we sell off our entire fleet of rental bikes. This is a great opportunity to get a great deal on a great bike. All of our bikes are checked weekly, have been gently used, with only a few months of wear. Our Fleet consists of Giant Escape Hybrid Bikes and Giant Liv Alight Bikes. We have bikes for children and youth, as well as a bike trailer, and a trail-a-bike.


Refurbished & Consignment Bikes:Contact us to find out what we have in store and what we are working on. Visit our Instagram Page to see what we are up to.  Have an old bike gathering dust? Check out our Bike recycling Program. 


A few things you will find in the shop