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We are cycling ambassadors and enthusiastic user of all things bicycle.

At Heritage Bikes above all else, we listen, give guidance and use technology to help our customers. We do not simply sell bicycles or advertise the latest equipment. We anticipate needs and creatively solve problem. We expertly guide clients and personalize recommendations.

We are cycling ambassadors. We are enthusiastic users of bikes and speak with customers from first-hand experience. We match the rich technology and history of cycling with expertise, enthusiasm, empathy and creativity to help our customers on a human level enjoy cycling.

Heritage Bikes is committed to building a more bicycle friendly environment, providing our community with quality cycling products, unyielding customer service, and sharing our passion for bicycling's abundant opportunities.  

Heritage Bikes  promotes active and healthy living by increasing access to safe, top-quality bicycles and products, by providing the community with programs and fun activities, and by offering first-rate bike services.


Welcome to the Shop! We've made a few exciting changes this year and would love to show you around. C'mon in!

Some great community initiatives:

  • Bike Rodeos with the local Fire Department

  • Wheels of Hope Saturday Rides

  • Bike Check-Ups with The Table Community Food.

  • Community Cruiser Rides

  • Fix-a-Flat Workshop at the Perth Library

  • Perth Bike Swap

  • Raffle and donations to: Brooke Valley School, Polar Plunge Perth


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PETE WOOD - Our Tour Guide and Bike Mechanic Extraordinaire!

This guy has been around...around cycling, that is. If he isn't sharing a story, painting a picture or fixing a bike, he is out somewhere riding. With 12 years experience in cycle-tourism, he knows a thing or two about riding, exploring and connecting. Pete has worked as a Bike Guide and Tours Coordinator with Freewheeling Adventures and Rent-a-Bike Ottawa. He is a certified Teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers. His passions include cycling, storytelling, and travelling. 



JULIE BRUNELLE - Manager, Marketing, Web Design, Salesperson, all the background stuff that makes everything run smoothly.

This gal loves to get out there and learn new things, and riding is just the ticket! With 10 years customer service experience and 12 years as a Teacher, Julie's been around...around the world, that is. She has taken her love for Arts and cycling to the UAE, Cambodia, Bali, Vancouver, and many more beautiful places. She has written an Art education book, "The Artist in You", that has been picked up by Hachette Children's Publishing House, and is available for purchase at Amazon and in local Bookstores in Perth, On.

BRENT MAGUIRE: Store Manager and Expert Bike Mechanic 

This newest member of the team loves all things Bikes. He started working in a bike shop at age 15 and has been doing it ever since. Whether it be in his hometown of Deep River, or in Ottawa, or in Toronto, this guy has devoted his life to his passion for bikes and riding. He especially loves endurance mountain biking and has twice raced his bike for 24 hours. In the shop, we often say, "What can't Brent do?" because when he's not riding or fixing bikes, you will find him singing in a choir, performing on stage, juggling, unicycling, balloon animal making.....but he swears that he is not a clown. Also, over the past year, Brent has been building a new house with the help of friends and family, for himself, his wife and 5 years old son. We are so thrilled to have Brent as part of the team. 


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